Best of All Worlds – Only for the 1% – « Social » Network?

INTERNET-RESEAUX-SOCIAUX | 10 septembre 2012

Swedish social media entrepreneur Erik Wachtmeister on Monday announced the launch of a new social networking site targeting the “top one percent” of Internet users, called Best of All Worlds. The site, which helps users find events and contacts, counted 20,000 members even before its launch. Wachtmeister, 57, created one of the world’s first social […]

Small Arms and Ammunition Trade – Viewed by Google Animation

Google released an absolutely stunning and information-loaded visualization about the global arms trade. According to Google, 60% of all violent deaths around the world are “due to small arms and light weapons” — $650 million worth “lie in the hand of civilians.” « The mapping arms data (MAD) visualization of small arms, light weapons and ammunition […]